To create both functional and display pottery. Pottery that can be used in home and pieces that respond to social and political change using the surface as a canvas for story and conversation.


Fusing Afro and Indigenous fundamentals into vessels, bringing life into spaces while carrying both story and voice.


Artist Statement

I am an artist, visionary, facilitator and participant of growth, perspective shifts and intentional responses to social and political change. With a strong focus on the exploration, documentation & claiming of cultural and historic identities, my work is filled with robust imagery, narrative and the essence of my spiritual existence.

I am contemporary in the sense that I am ever evolving, while being conscious of what ancestry has taught me. It is but of great homage and gratitude that I use what I have been gifted; the passion and ability to continue to create both pot and vessel that carries on tradition and voice. This is my job. My responsibility to my Creator and to the community which holds me.


This is my job. My responsibility to my Creator and to the community which holds me.



Gabrielle Grier was born from two incredibly artistic parents. Her mother is a multidisciplinary artist and uses painting as her primary medium of choice, and her father also a painter and Afro-Cuban drummer. Her mother demonstrated that it's always okay to be creative and always okay to express, in whatever way that may look. She provided many opportunities as a very young person to do so. Her father instilled the discipline and repetitious necessities to be successful.

Gabrielle Grier has an undergraduate in studio art with an emphasis in ceramics from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She has taught as a resident artist at Richfield High School. Her work has been displayed in the Katherine Nash Gallery, Paul Whitney Larson Gallery and Intermedia Arts to name a few. In conjunction with being a ceramic artist Gabrielle is a youth worker, community engagement organizer, and facilitator. She is currently seeking a graduate studies degree in Youth Development & Leadership from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.